installation 1033 C
Entropy…The Exhibit…The Story

Figuring out what I wanted to say with this installation took more than a year. There are multiple levels of dialog that I decided to include in producing this work. It is the most complex work that I have produced. I was relieved that it finally came together conceptually and physically.

And then the exhibit opened.

We were in New York at the MET enjoying being overwhelmed by so much great art. My phone rings. Maxine tells me of the destruction of my floor piece by a young child who leaned over and fell onto the platform ripping the layers from the support system. My heart skipped a couple of beats. I was determined to reconstruct the piece as quickly as possible, here ambulance as the opening was just days away. It was a great turnout, and the feedback was so gratifying.

So, what are the chances of the work being destroyed again? I found out 3 weeks ago that at a private event 2 catering staff leaned over the floor piece and fell onto it, then ran from the gallery, telling no one. The security cameras told the story instead. I was stunned. How could this happen again? So.. I rebuilt the piece for a second time, determined not to be defeated by the bizarreness of the situation.

But the story continues. I was looking forward to having the work seen during the loop this evening. Wednesday I got a call from Maxine telling of water flooding down the wall from an air conditioning unit soaking the large print on the wall, and spattering onto all 4 layers of the floor piece.

I decided to show the installation in it’s degraded state.


Carson Zullinger


Elizabeth 8812C

This summer I have been experimenting with the panorama. This was the most successful of the group. I wanted to tell a story, mind sildenafil to visually capture the silent conversation we sometimes have with ourselves.

Vincent O’Byrne commented on this image on Community Zoe with the word dentritic. Such a lovely word.

North Light

I am enjoying seeing the difference in light color that comes through my north light windows at my new studio depending on the time of day and the weather.  Here is an example of cool light.

elizabeth 8755

Coming Home


This is an image that is returning from a group exhibit at the Peninsula Art Museum in Belmont California. Last fall I began making images with natural light outside of the studio for the first time in many years. I realized how much I had missed it.

fear of the big nude


This is an image of an installation of a backlit transparency  (44′ by 65″) which I exhibited in my studio during the May Art Loop. It was the only light in the studio so it was dramatic. Many people unfamiliar with my work were afraid to enter the studio. Finally a good friend of mine went into the hall to cajole people to enter. “Don’t worry” he said, and healing ” it won’t bite you”.  Fortunately, many overcame their fear of the big nude.