“Dancers” (after Degas) at the Delaware Contemporary

I started working on this project at least 2 years ago. We saw “The Dancers” by Degas at the NGA. I started thinking about how to interpret his composition in a new way. I worked with Anoush Anou for a day to develop a series of long exposures to mimic the dance positions in the painting. The original plan was to exhibit multiple layers as positives, ed but after building a maquette, I realized that negatives worked better. In May Anoush Anou returned, and we worked on a video using the same poses, which I put into a 4 minute slo -mo loop. Each panel is 8 by 12 feet, It was a major undertaking to design, print, rig, and install. If you are in Delaware stop by this July to see it.Dancers 3615 copy

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